Conduct crypto KYC checks and regularly monitor suspicious activity

Cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms can achieve regulatory compliance and avoid hefty fines with our eKYC and ID verification platform, ensuring your customers are who they claim to be.

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cryptocurrency and trading platforms we work with

Cryptocurrency exchanges

Onboard customers and run AML and compliance checks allowing you to trade cryptocurrencies, digital assets or other assets.

Crypto payments gateways

KYC/B is required for business and director verification for every merchant acquisition to meet the latest FCA rulings.


Tokenisation reduces the amounts needed to invest, requiring a greater number of customer onboarding and KYC checks on individuals.

cryptocurrency KYC
Crypto and their KYC, KYB and due diligence

Many crypto companies are failing to provide sufficient AML procedures

The FCA estimates that 85% of current registration applications from crypto companies fail to demonstrate sufficient AML procedures, which is a requirement if they wish to trade in the UK.

The highly pseudonymous nature of crypto allows criminals to hide their activity. Coupled with the growth of the sector over the past few years, crypto has become exposed and vulnerable to money laundering operations.

Therefore, without sufficient AML and KYC/B processes, companies are at risk of fines and even a two-year prison sentence for MLROs and directors.

Accelerated onboarding with RemoteVerify
Onboarding for the Crypto sector

Accelerated onboarding with RemoteVerify

Facilitate low-friction customer onboarding journeys while maintaining compliance. Using NorthRow, you can onboard clients remotely and the latest biometric technology allows verification from anywhere at any time.

Results are delivered in real-time, including checks against PEPs and sanctions, legal events, adverse media, liveness checks, ID and address verification. In turn, this automates and accelerates crypto KYC onboarding to ensure you stay ahead of your competition.

Remove manual processes

One supplier for crypto KYC, AML and ongoing monitoring

The crypto space is fast-moving and you can't rely on manual processes. The regulators want to see the use of digital platforms for automated compliance processes. NorthRow’s unique, user-friendly platform delivers efficient end-to-end KYC, AML and ongoing monitoring from one single platform.

Scheduled reviews for AML
Know your customer identification
Data security is front and centre

Automatic audit trail and record keeping

WorkStation allows you to create workflows, store and export information at a click of a button, while providing assurance that all data is held on a secure platform making it easily accessible for both internal and external audits.

"The flexibility of NorthRow’s platform and API enables us to deploy the right services for our business without compromising our control frameworks and policies."

Stuart Cronin

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Why NorthRow...

500k+ worldwide users

173 active countries

99.99% uptime

Cryptocurrency and trading platforms face daily challenges in the battle against dirty money, often spending a huge amount of time and staff resources to combat money laundering and financial crime. Regulators are imposing crippling fines and are now expecting to see digital solutions to counter the risk of financial crime, money laundering and fraud. NorthRow supports crypto companies in achieving compliance quickly and cost-effectively.

Crypto KYC and KYB screening

Facilitate the complexity of compliance and reduce risk when onboarding new clients by verifying their identity and screening against sanctions lists, financial and shareholder information, as well as UBO details.


Manage each individual and company with our simple case management solution, view results and set alerts where action is required to ensure due diligence and keep a record of all transactions for audit purposes.

ID&V for cypto customers

Simplify ID and verification with an easy-to-use case system which allows you to organise, update, and store information securely, and in line with GDPR and data protection regulations.

AML compliance

Keep track of your clients’ risk status using our RAG system and be alerted to any relevant changes, ensuring you meet ongoing AML compliance.

Ongoing monitoring

Automated alerts notify companies and individuals of risk profile changes, so you can keep tabs on political exposure, sanctions or adverse media.


Improve efficiency with a risk-based approach to remediation and data collection processes minimising the administrative burden placed on your team.

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