Mitigate money laundering for your property management firm

Conduct fast, simple, and cost-effective verification checks when onboarding clients and meet anti-money laundering compliance obligations for your property firm.

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How NorthRow helps property management firms

Real-time verification

AML checks delivered in seconds through our property compliance software allowing you to onboard new clients safely and quickly.

Risk-based approach

Property firms can customise the solution to track the most relevant risks for their business and make better decisions to mitigate threats.

Reduced customer friction

Remote verification and ongoing monitoring speeds up the onboarding process and improves customer experience.

Easy, fast implementation

Easy to deploy property compliance software that becomes part of your team, helping to ensure you are always AML compliant.

Property management - office building

First line of defence for AML compliance

The property market can be a dangerous place. In a world where financial crime is both proliferating and becoming ever more sophisticated, the property sector is one of the most vulnerable to fraudsters.

NorthRow enables you to quickly identify, verify and monitor every client ensuring you meet your due diligence requirements and combat the threat of financial crime.

Digital identity risk status app
AML checks for property management firms

Stop financial crime in its tracks

Property firms are notoriously exposed to bad actors attempting to hide their illegal wealth. Partnering with NorthRow will enable you to quickly identify and verify individuals and businesses to ensure that your clients are who they say they are.

Identify UBOs from multiple data sources

Unravel opaque UBO structures

Complex corporate structures can be hard to unravel manually. Using an automated solution not only speeds up the processes but provides access to a wealth of global data sources to provide a more accurate understanding.

Unravel opaque UBO structures
Track progress of each digital identity check
Onboard clients quickly and safely

Accelerated KYC/KYB onboarding with RemoteVerify

Achieve efficient onboarding using the latest biometric and liveness technology. Verification results are delivered in real-time to enhance customer experience.

"NorthRow’s flexibility and ability to customise the data sets and risk scorecards to meet different use cases and challenges from the client are a great match. We’re improving operational efficiency and helping them to reduce fraud and ensure regulatory compliance."

Anton Zdziebczok, CPO at NorthRow

UK's Leading Property Firm

Why NorthRow...

500k+ worldwide users

173 active countries

99.99% uptime

The easiest way for property management firms to meet AML requirements is to use WorkStation for digital verification and ongoing monitoring.

WorkStation verifies, screens, manages the results, monitors and provides a record of all transactions for audit purposes. As a single platform it delivers all your KYC, KYB and ongoing monitoring in an intuitive end-to-end solution.

KYC verification for property firms

Facilitate the complexity of compliance and reduce risk when onboarding new clients by verifying their identity and screening against sanctions lists.


Manage each individual and company with our simple case management solution, view results and set alerts where action is required to ensure due diligence.

Simplify identity verification

Simplify ID&V with an easy-to-use case system which allows you to organise, update, and store information securely, and in line with GDPR and data protection regulations.

AML compliance

Keep track of your clients’ risk status using our RAG system and be alerted to any relevant changes, ensuring you meet ongoing AML compliance.

Ongoing monitoring

Automated alerts notify companies and individuals of risk profile changes, so you can keep tabs on political exposure, sanctions or adverse media.


Improve efficiency with a risk-based approach to remediation and data collection processes minimising the administrative burden placed on your team.

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