Employee due diligence for candidate onboarding

Provide a friction-free experience for your candidates with digital onboarding, whilst maintaining compliance, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

right to work checks for recruiters
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How NorthRow helps Recruitment ComPanies

Simple right to work checks

Our user-friendly solution uses the latest biometric facial recognition technology for faster remote candidate onboarding.

Real-time identity verification

As a certified IDSP provider, our technology allows you to continue to provide right to work checks from anywhere.

Compliance consistency

Become more efficient and automate candidate document verification to meet the latest employment regulation to avoid penalties.

Increase confidence

Use technology as part of your vetting process for biometric facial testing and thorough document verification.

onboarding candidates check
Onboarding candidates securely

Deliver a seamless onboarding experience

Accelerate verification of your candidates with an easy to integrate digital solution. Use automation to collect the data you need for your candidates to be onboarded quicker. Remove inefficient manual processes and replace them with a secure identity checking process.

Save time and money with automated onboarding
Candidate screening for recruiters

Automated candidate onboarding for recruitment

Remotely onboard your candidates and build workflows to match your identity verification requirements and remove the need for paper-based information.

Candidate onboarding

Easy-to-use app for remote onboarding

Reduce onboarding times from days to minutes with our intuitive RemoteVerify app that can be used remotely, at any time that enables the verification and validation of digital ID documents on the fly.

Deliver a seamless onboarding experience

“NorthRow supports and streamlines our employees’ onboarding processes whilst helping to ensure compliance with the latest Home Office legislation. We are now more confident in meeting Right to Work compliance obligations.”

Natalie Hajzyk-Clegg, HR & Compliance Officer


DCMS certification

DCMS framework certified

NorthRow has achieved certification for our RemoteVerify product under the UK Government's Digital Identity & Attributes Trust Framework set out by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS).

This means we can now support you with your exceptional standard, compliant remote ID checks, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Ready to get started?

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