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Large corporates are facing increasing employment regulations. In organisations which have a diverse workforce spread across multiple locations, a high proportion of Non UK employees or a high staff turnover it can be logistically difficult to adhere to ‘Right to Work’ legislation. Failure to comply with legislation can lead to hefty fines of up to £20,000 per employee and a potential prison sentence for company directors.

Due to a number of high-profile stories of ‘illegal workers’ in the media and with the Home Office now ‘naming and shaming’ companies in their quarterly lists, companies are becoming more concerned about their own screening and onboarding processes in order to protect their brand reputation. This is especially important to large corporates and banks where the risk of non-compliance is low, but the consequence of reputational damage (and knock-on effect on revenues) is serious. In some cases corporates may have grown by acquisitions, meaning they are managing a number of systems and processes that may be siloed internally, which in turn can lead to an incomplete picture of their employees.

Adrian Black, CEO and Founder of NorthRow


Use of Recruitment Agencies

Not all businesses hire employees directly; indeed, the use of temporary workers supplied by recruitment agencies is widespread. It is the agency’s legal responsibility to make relevant checks on their right to work status on temporary workers

The recruitment industry is under increasing pressure to comply with the latest government regulations around Right to Work compliance. Recruiters now need to check, authenticate and retain all potential and existing candidate identity documentation to ensure they are eligible to work in the UK via ‘Right to Work’ checks.

Hence, employment agencies must ensure that all the pre-employment screening are robust and can meet government regulation. This is where we help.

Who We Help?

We work closely with companies from a broad range of sectors to help transform internal capabilities and approaches to workforce onboarding and monitoring through strategies that enable risks to be minimised and opportunities to be taken. 

NorthRow enables companies to instantly check that both existing and potential employees have the right to work in the UK, while simultaneously streamlining employee on-boarding processes.

Our solutions can also be used to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your compliance processes and to help your HR and recruitment teams focus on strategic business priorities. They can also be applied on the move via a mobile app, or on site via our passport/ID document scanner.

We have also partnered with a specialist immigration law firm, Davidson Morris, who understand the issues and the pitfalls around the complex area of immigration and worker employment. Through our ongoing partnership with Davidson Morris we work with customers to provide the technology, processes and staff training to manage future regulatory updates.



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1. Mobile App

Our mobile App helps you keep pace with both the on-demand workforce environment and home office legislation for Right to Work compliance

The app allows clients to check and to securely retain an employee’s documentation, whilst confirming that an individual is eligible to work in the UK via a real-time ‘Right to Work’ checks.

The mobile solution is ideal for multi-site organisations and personnel who are on the move.

Compatible across multiple devices, this solution brings automation, speed and efficiency to HR processes.

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2. Passport Scanner

Part of Right to Work compliance is to check ID documents are genuine and have not been tampered with. The Home Office encourage the use of ID scanning technology for checking ID and provide a guide on the use of document scanners. Guidance on the Use of Document Scanners

Our Desktop Scanner can deliver an effective and immediate decision on an ID document’s legitimacy by performing scans of visible & non visible security features, ensuring our clients can be confident in making data-driven decisions in an instant about who they employ.

Reporting and Security

All check results are stored in our highly secure online platform, alongside copies of all document scans, expiry dates, visa categories and the identity of the person who performed the check. These form a comprehensive record and audit trail, proving the company has fulfilled its obligations to UK Visas and Immigration and achieved its ‘statutory excuse’, this information is instantly accessible by central HR.

Our flexible reporting function allows reports to be created on demand relating to employee nationalities, to visa categories, to branch location etc. Reports can also be exported in standard formats as well as being accessible via our single API to ensure a seamless flow of data to aid customers onboarding processes.

Key Benefits

Clients We Help Include



"NorthRow has indeed streamlined the employee onboarding process. The solution helps the team complete Right to Work checks effectively and efficiently whilst in a short space of time. We are confident that we meet and exceed Home Office legislation for Right to Work compliance."

Ioannis Kotzamanis, International HR Advisor, Arcadis Human Resources Ltd