A safer way to deliver AML compliance

WorkStation, our comprehensive compliance platform helps compliance teams to make informed, safe decisions and empower them to onboard customers safely and compliantly in a matter of seconds, not days.

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A personalised risk-based approach

Customise your risk appetite to inform confident business decision making with hundreds of customisable rules.

Improved compliance visibility

Unrivalled global data coverage spanning individual and company records available in a matter of clicks.

Better informed future decision-making

Gain valuable insights into the key compliance metrics that matter most to your team at the touch of a button.

Where work gets done

Deliver efficiencies in compliance

Combine multiple compliance checks into easy-to-access cases with a risk rating for each portfolio across individuals, businesses, and UBOs from one platform.

Initiate onboarding checks in seconds

Initiate onboarding checks in seconds

Start with just a company or individual’s name, and get a single decision recommendation in real time depending on acceptability within client-defined risk parameters.


Track and comply with ease

Track and identify any changes in company structures, beneficial ownership or directorships to help ensure ongoing compliance with AML regulation.

Track and comply with ease
Reduce business risk

Reduce business risk

Ensure complete peace of mind, shortening time to revenue and allowing you to focus on growing your business safely.

Case management summary

Provides a holistic, top-level summary of backgrounds, sanctions and risk scoring of the client.

Automated due diligence

Gain complete background checks in seconds on Directors, UBOs, PSCs and all other key stakeholders.

Comprehensive CDD

Undertake a full CDD on a company and associated clients, with manual control over the chosen individuals.

KYC and KYB checks

Understand the nature of the clients’ activities and verify the legitimacy of a client and identify risk factors.


Oversee compliance workflows matched to risk-rule needs, ensuring optimised resource efficiency.


Customise your dashboard to access instant and actionable data that can be made into insightful reports.

Alert timeline

Efficiently track case developments from key company changes to RAG alert movements on one page.

Top rules triggered

Comprehensively view the system’s overall performance, triggering reviews upon fundamental case alerts.

PSC identification

Attain a structural overview of the business, providing an in-depth scope of ownership and levels of control.

A case is always ongoing

Ongoing case monitoring

Track any changes to individuals or organisations and scheduled reviews that re-examine entire cases at defined intervals depending on an organisation’s risk appetite.

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Initiate further investigation

Additional checks can be initiated in a matter of clicks and ensure that any further information is linked to the same original case for easy access.

Complete KYC/B accuracy and reliability

Conduct comprehensive business and individual verification with industry-leading facial recognition and liveness validation as part of the ID&V process to GPG45 standards.

Effortless identity verification

ID&V checks can be initiated for individuals to verify their identity via a combination of biometric facial recognition; lip-syncing; document verification; address validation and liveness checks.

Our customers love WorkStation

What our customers say

“NorthRow's ability to deliver a bespoke solution that combines automated identity checks with the added security of face-to-face verification made it the obvious choice when deciding which firm to partner with to securely deliver Open Banking.”
"The flexibility of NorthRow’s platform and API enables us to deploy the right services for our business without compromising our control frameworks and policies."
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Got a question about WorkStation?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. WorkStation is completely configurable to match your business’ risk appetite. There are over 600 rules which can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Yes, we have an open REST API to connect any of your current systems to the power of WorkStation.

Find out more about our API here.

Using our extensive data partners, WorkStation can initiate checks in the UK and abroad for:

  • KYC
  • KYC monitoring
  • PEPs and Sanctions
  • Adverse media
  • ID and verification
  • UBOs
  • KYB
  • KYB monitoring

We host our services within the EU on Amazon Web Services. The data is encrypted in transit and at rest using AES-256 keys. Almost all of our sub-processors are also hosted within the EU. However, we will advise you if you need a service that is not based in the EU.

We continually add further data providers to WorkStation. Currently, we partner with D&B, Acuris, Lexis Nexis, Creditsafe and Dow Jones.

We don’t show our pricing on the website as every client is unique and has different needs. To give you a price for your requirements, please contact us today.

Typically, we get our WorkStation clients live within 14 days of them signing a contract.

API Integration →

Seamlessly integrate WorkStation with software you use everyday with our powerful single platform REST API.

RemoteVerify →

With RemoteVerify, your customers can sign up and be verified in minutes, at their own convenience.

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