Automate AML processes to verify investors in real-time

Reduce your daily compliance spend and improve AML processes in your investment bank to meet ever increasing regulatory scrutiny.

Investment bank AML checks
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How NorthRow helps investment banks

Reduce compliance costs

Automate routine tasks using a risk-based approach, and focus valuable resources on more complex cases that require professional expertise.

Modernise compliance

Integrate your compliance processes into one single source that delivers valuable insights to support business growth, safely.

Compliance consistency

Ensure regulatory compliance with an automated platform and clear audit trails to support the fight against financial crime.

Accelerate onboarding

Ensure compliance with required regulations while providing a seamless onboarding process for your customers.

Investment bank AML checks
KYC, KYB and due diligence for INVESTMENT BANKS

Verify global clients in real-time

Investment banks are under constant scrutiny from regulators. Balancing the need for compliance with customer expectations for faster business onboarding and cost is challenging. NorthRow enables investment banks to benefit from an agile platform that is constantly updated as new regulation is delivered.

Automated KYC checks
KYC for investment banks

Automated KYC checks

Accelerate customer onboarding using the latest digital technology with results delivered in seconds.

KYB for investment banks

Know your business verification

Reduce the average onboarding time for corporate or investment banking customers from days to hours. Meet your your KYB/AML obligations, screen and identify financial and shareholder information, as well as UBO details for even the most complex corporate structures from one single solution.

Gain a complete picture of customer activity
Screening and enhanced due diligence
Due diligence for investment banks

Screening and enhanced due diligence

Capture the information the regulators want to see and remove the noise of false positives. Our platform tracks, monitors and alerts you to any changes in company structure, beneficial ownership, or directorships to ensure ongoing compliance to meet AML regulation.

“NorthRow's ability to deliver a bespoke solution that combines automated identity checks with the added security of face-to-face verification made it the obvious choice when deciding which firm to partner with to securely deliver Open Banking.”

Nigel Spencer, Head of Support Services

Open Banking

Why NorthRow...

500k+ worldwide users

173 active countries

99.99% uptime

The easiest way for investment banks to meet AML requirements is to use WorkStation for digital verification and ongoing monitoring.

WorkStation verifies, screens, manages the results, monitors, and provides a record of all transactions for audit purposes. As a single platform it delivers all your KYC, KYB and ongoing monitoring in an intuitive end-to-end solution.

KYC and KYB screening

Facilitate the complexity of compliance and reduce risk when onboarding new clients by verifying their identity and screening against sanctions lists.


Manage each individual and company with our simple case management solution, view results and set alerts where action is required to ensure due diligence.

ID&V and Right to Work

Simplify ID&V with an easy-to-use case system which allows you to organise, update, and store information securely, and in line with GDPR and data protection regulations.

AML compliance

Keep track of your clients’ risk status using our RAG system and be alerted to any relevant changes, ensuring you meet ongoing AML compliance.

Ongoing monitoring

Automated alerts notify companies and individuals of risk profile changes, so you can keep tabs on political exposure, sanctions or adverse media.


Efficiently update your existing customer base with our automated and scalable solutions, no matter how complex your KYC remediation project.

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