Remote client onboarding made easy

With RemoteVerify, your customers can sign up and be verified in minutes, at their own convenience, using their own device, anywhere, at any time.

Remote Client Onboarding Made Easy
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Perform compliant ID&V remotely

Make remote client onboarding processes faster, more robust and compliant by enabling the verification and validation of digital ID documents from anywhere.

Access real-time actionable data

Track the progress of every ID verification from the moment of issue to completion, gathering crucial information to meet AML regulatory requirements.

Comprehensive ID verification

Better understand risk by electronically checking the photo of the individual against facial authentication checks for liveness and spoofing.

Self-verify any time, anywhere

A friction-free customer experience

Provide customers with the ability to self-verify at any time, anywhere from any device, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

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Onboard customers quicker

Onboard customers quicker

Ensure that your customers are who they say they are quickly, without compromising on fraud prevention and compliance.


Unrivalled document verification

Gather and validate ID documentation and addresses from over 200 countries including passports, driving licences, and National ID cards.

Unrivalled document verification
Gain a complete understanding

Gain a complete understanding

Make fully informed risk-based decisions with a full view of your customer to understand the purpose and intended nature of the relationship.

Liveness checks

Verify the true document holder

Our built-in biometric authentication is a security process that relies on the unique biological characteristics of individuals to verify they are who they say they are.

Digital identity risk status app

Verification in 3 simple steps

As long as your clients have a phone or tablet with a camera and internet connection, they can sign up to your service in three simple steps with RemoteVerify.

Step 1

ID Document Check

Step 2

Liveness Check

Step 3

Address Verification

Reduced abAndonment

Automated identity verification

Boost satisfaction and reduce abandonment by allowing customers to initiate their own remote onboarding from anywhere, any time and at the tap of a device.

Faster customer onboarding

Customers can be verified by taking a quick selfie and capturing a photo of their ID document - delivering effortless verification in seconds rather than days.

Guided user journey through verification

Customers are assisted with handy prompts that take users through the process to ensure they complete verification on the first try and reducing abandonment.

Tailored to your business

From colour customisation to complete whitelabeling, our team is here to help you seamlessly integrate RemoteVerify into your customer journey.

Our customers love RemoteVerify

What our customers say

"...there has been a positive change towards client onboarding. We have seen a significant improvement from a cost and time perspective. "
"We needed to implement a robust customer onboarding solution that would be fast enough to meet customer demands but also secure enough to ensure that all compliance requirements were met or exceeded."
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Seamlessly integrate WorkStation with software you use everyday with our powerful single platform REST API.

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High security, guaranteed compliance and audit trail come as standard with NorthRow.

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