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payments industry

How to navigate KYB challenges in payments firms from the C-Suite

Navigating the complexities of Know Your Business (KYB) regulations is one of the most critical tasks for C-suite executives in regulated payments firms. As the regulatory landscape evolves, executives must stay ahead of compliance requirements while fostering a business environment … Read More

KYC compliance

Wired-In webinar: Achieving best practice KYC compliance in 2023

Our latest Wired-In webinar assesses best practice KYC compliance and provides insight to create and run an effective KYC programme. … Read More

Checking a company director

Infographic: Checking a company director

Checking company directors for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) is a pivotal step in ensuring the health, integrity, and legality of any business operation. It’s not just about ticking regulatory boxes; it’s about protecting the very essence of your company. AML checks … Read More

KYC checks

7 reasons why tech-enabled compliance is a gamechanger

Today’s world is run by technology. In countless industries, technology is at the heart of processes and products enhancing customer experience with faster and more efficient results. Tech-enabled compliance is no exception, offering numerous benefits to organisations. Streamlining the onboarding … Read More

digital trust

From compliance to confidence: Building digital trust in AML programmes

This article provides insights on how AML programmes can help financial services firms to effectively navigate the digital landscape and instil trust in their compliance processes. … Read More

AML checks

How to conduct an AML check and ensure compliance

In this article, you’ll find a handy anti-money laundering compliance checklist of the key areas, summarising good practices; helping firms to meet compliance requirements and instil confidence in operations. … Read More

AML compliance challenges

The five biggest AML compliance challenges facing financial institutions and how NorthRow can help

In this article, we will explore the five biggest AML compliance challenges that financial institutions encounter, the significance of each and share an insight into how NorthRow’s AML compliance platform can help. … Read More

verify UBO

How to verify Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs)

UBO stands for Ultimate Beneficial Owner. It refers to the person (or persons) who ultimately owns or controls a company or legal entity. The UBO is the individual who enjoys the benefits of ownership, such as receiving profits or exercising … Read More

Facial recognition software

Facial recognition software explained

Facial recognition software is used to verify a person’s identity based on their facial features – but what exactly is it? … Read More

Continuous Compliance: Why KYC Isn’t Enough

What is KYC due diligence?

Know Your Customer (KYC) is the essential requirement for regulated businesses and financial institutions to verify a customer’s identity when onboarding or opening an account for example. Customer Due Diligence (CDD) entails conducting background checks along with identifying a business’ … Read More