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The importance of Know Your Business (KYB) checks: best practices for compliance

As financial crime threats evolve, so does the importance of conducting Know Your Business (KYB) checks. In today’s business landscape, regulatory bodies expect compliance officers to conduct a comprehensive KYB check for each company they onboard to ensure compliance with … Read More

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5 benefits of online ID document verification in a digital age

ID document verification is an essential part of KYC onboarding, as well as when employers are verifying employee right to work ID&V. It’s a process that ensures a person is who they are claiming to be when required to open … Read More

client onboarding brochure

Client onboarding brochure

NorthRow’s company and individual onboarding solutions enhance customer experience, increase sales and improve regulatory compliance. … Read More


What is the UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework from the DCMS, for digital identity certification?

The UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework, from DCMS (Department for Culture, Media and Sport) is a set of rules for digital identities, announced and developed since 2021. It provides a framework that organisations must follow to conduct secure, trustworthy identity and/or attribute checks when onboarding staff.

The framework was developed by the DCMS, in conjunction with the Home Office, alongside a Home Office review of the availability and ability of specialist technology to support digital Right to Work checks in the UK. … Read More

4 Ways Software can Ensure KYC/AML Compliance

4 ways software can ensure KYC/AML compliance

Risk and compliance software platforms help businesses record, track and manage their regulatory obligations. Firms that offer this technology help businesses comply with regulations efficiently and less expensively than manual, process driven solutions.  RegTech providers offer bespoke integrated solutions that … Read More

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12 Benefits of Using KYC Software

Faster, easier and lower-cost digital channels have been adopted by regulated organisations to achieve new business growth. However, current regulatory requirements create a complex landscape, particularly when it comes to delivering the convenience of signing up through digital channels and the business is still using manual processes for Know Your Customer (KYC) identity verification. … Read More

Adverse Media: What is it and What Impact Can it Have on Compliance?

Adverse Media: What is it and What Impact Can it Have on Compliance?

Checking for adverse media is a crucial part of customer due diligence processes, aimed at uncovering any risks or allegations indicating an individual’s or business’ involvement in criminal activity. Being associated and having business relations with such parties can give … Read More

A New AML Register for Property Firms: The Register of Overseas Entities

A New AML Register for Property Firms: The Register of Overseas Entities

On August 1st, the UK Government released a new public property register to attempt to put a dent in the £100bn of ‘dirty money’ that gets laundered through the UK every single year. The Register of Overseas Entities requires any overseas … Read More

Northrow corporate brochure

NorthRow brochure

NorthRow significantly reduces the administrative overheads associated with regulatory requirements, providing the ability to add workflows, automation and application integration to your processes. … Read More

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What is Know Your Business (KYB) and Why Does it Matter?

Know Your Business is the mandatory method by which banks and financial institutions get to know their customers’ businesses to ensure everything is above board in order to minimise the risk of financial crime, money laundering or other fraudulent activity … Read More

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