AM2PM required a solution to automate their Right to Work verification when onboarding candidates. They wanted to make cost and process efficiencies whilst maintaining Home Office compliance.

“NorthRow supports and streamlines our employees’ onboarding processes whilst helping to ensure compliance with the latest Home Office legislation. We are now more confident in meeting Right to Work compliance obligations.”

Natalie Hajzyk-Clegg

HR & Compliance Officer at AM2PM

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AM2PM Group Holdings Ltd own specialist managed services and recruitment divisions that offer companies, temporary workers and job hunting candidates fast, efficient, professional, and bespoke services within the retail and manufacturing sectors.

With 11 UK branches, AM2PM recruit in excess of 1,000 workers every week, so an automated Right to Work compliance solution to onboard their candidates was essential to streamline their processes.

Key benefits

Helping AM2PM to have more confidence in meeting Right to Work compliance obligations.

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Integration with their HR platform

Streamlining operations with the existing HR platform.

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Meet home Office requirements

Continued compliance with the ever-changing regulations.

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Reduced non-compliance activity

Significant reduction in non-compliance activity.

The Challenge

Needed a digital solution to replace their existing manual processes

As AM2PM expanded, they faced a logistical challenge in adhering to ‘Right to Work’ legislation, due to the high volume of documents needing authentication, verification, and storage. Existing manual processes were inefficient; and the burden of ensuring compliance and checking Right to Work visas, permits etc. was unmanageable, bearing in mind they provide staff for industries (e.g. manufacturing and retail) who also struggle in these areas.

Furthermore, AM2PM needed to regularly upskill their HR staff to keep pace with evolving ‘Right to Work’ legislation. For a recruiter, inadvertently hiring illegal workers is catastrophic, so they needed a digital solution to ensure compliance, whilst reducing the burden on staff.

How NorthRow Helped

Verify identity documents and Right to Work eligibility in minutes

AM2PM turned to NorthRow for an automated Right to Work solution that would verify and establish their candidates’ right to work in the UK before placing them in a new company.

Each AM2PM branch has implemented the solution within their employee onboarding processes. Staff use the Working Status app to verify identity documents and Right to Work eligibility, in minutes. The intuitive process ensures the correct processes and document checks are followed, freeing up more time to ensure the candidate is a success.

All checks and documentation are stored within a secure cloud storage platform, accessible to the HR team, providing a full audit trail. The automated NorthRow Right to Work solution was integrated into AM2PM’s current processes requiring minimal training or IT skills. Not only did NorthRow help AM2PM to meet their Right to Work obligations, they simultaneously streamlined their employee on-boarding processes.

What Now?

Verifications are performed and delivering a ‘statutory excuse’.

Using the NorthRow App has improved compliance and reduced costs by enabling AM2PM staff to verify their employees or candidates’ Right to Work status in minutes. The App authenticates identity and legal documentation in real-time, simplifying the process whilst ensuring appropriate verifications are performed and delivering a ‘statutory excuse’.


“NorthRow supports our employees’ onboarding processes by automating Right to Work verification whilst helping to ensure compliance with the latest Home Office legislation.”
Natalie Hajzyk-Clegg, HR & Compliance Officer


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