We Help Clients Run AML and KYC Checks for People, Companies, Documents Via a Single API

Organisations across all industries are facing increasing regulatory pressures and complex compliance challenges. Managing and demonstrating compliance within the complex web of evolving regulations can be time consuming, resource intensive and expensive.

At the same time an increasing number of businesses are coming under scrutiny from external regulators.

Lack of compliance with regulation can result in severe penalties including fines, reputational impact, and even imprisonment for senior company executives. Non-compliance is not an option. KYC/AML checks are becoming progressively more complex. This is where we help.

Adrian Black, Chief Executive Officer


How Northrow Can Help You?

By working with a wide range of leading commercial data suppliers and law enforcement agencies NorthRow is able to offer comprehensive checks on people, companies, and identity documents.

NorthRow also enables firms to manage the complexity of onboarding and monitoring customers and employees whilst ensuring our clients meet the highest compliance obligations.

Multiple data sources are accesses through one API and the breadth of data is greater than that offered by any other platform

Key Benefits


1. Automated Updates

We monitor your customers on a regular basis and will alert you to changes in company structure, new director appointments, beneficial owners.

2. Easy to Use

We focus on creating applications that are easy to use and intuitive, ensuring a speedy adoption

3. Fast, Safe and Secure

Our solutions are fast, safe and secure

4. Flexible Solutions

We offer a suite of tailored, bespoke solutions to meet your specific requirements.

5. Ongoing Compliance

Continuously upgraded to changing AML requirements e.g AML 4 and ready to evolve as future regulatory changes become law.

6. Ongoing Innovation

NorthRow are constantly seeking and developing new, innovative ideas and technologies

7. Single API

Easily integrate into your existing systems, and to multiple data sources

8. Streamline Onboarding

NorthRow simplifies and improves the customer and employee onboarding process by taking the pain out of regulatory background checks.

Key Clients Include

Martin Threakall.png

"After looking into various identity verification providers we have chosen NorthRow because it has the combined KYB and KYC capability we are looking for, whilst also being the best fit commercially and culturally. With NorthRow we are able to automate our checking processes and we are alerted to any changes in our customers’ status, which is critical to ensuring we fulfill our regulatory obligations and make the customer onboarding process reliable and faster."
Martin Threakall, CTO - Modulr