Know Your Customer

Boost your ROI and create a good impression. Accelerate onboarding with a digital solution for Know Your Customer. You can balance user experience and time to revenue with appropriate compliance control.


Create a great first impression

know your customer

Businesses can’t afford to ignore a digital approach to onboarding as customers transact in an ‘always-on’ society. By integrating a range of identity, document and liveness verification using NorthRow’s single-point solution you can reduce drop off rates and simplify the complexity of compliance. Maximise your Return on Investment by creating a range of additional efficiencies allowing your business to focus on other business critical tasks.

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Simplify the complexity of KYC

know your customer

Tools include liveness video; voice verification; biometric facial recognition, lip-syncing and anti-spoofing technologies, machine learning to simplify the complexity of compliance. We can seamlessly check multiple identity documents, including Passports, Driving Licences, National ID Cards, BRPs and Visas. Unlike other identity verification platforms, NorthRow has an intelligence-sharing agreement with law enforcement. 

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Remote onboarding

know your customer

RemoteVerify removes the need for your clients to be physically present at an office or location. You can achieve a positive change towards client onboarding, allowing a significant improvement from a cost and time perspective. 

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