Instant Onboarding for Payment Firms

Take the path of least resistance. Accelerate your client identification, so you can initiate transactions and payments quickly and efficiently, whilst maintaining compliance.


Balancing compliance with customer experience


Digital onboarding from NorthRow delivers a highly configurable workflow for end-to-end onboarding that will reduce costs, accelerate the onboarding process, improve customer experience and meet the growing regulatory pressures to identify counterparty risk. 

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Who we help

We understand that no payment company is the same, which is why we have experience with multiple sectors in payments.


Payment Processors

Pre-Paid Cards

Remittance & FX Brokers

Non-Bank Credit Card Issuers

Virtual Currencies

Simplicity, automation and transparency


Although identity verification is invisible to most, it is essential to all payment providers who make modern commerce possible. NorthRow is the perfect partner for any payment provider who needs to deliver simple, fast and efficient payment experiences. Solutions avialable:

Your technology partner for the future

Our single API solution drives faster payment industry onboarding, helping your organisation to develop and scale new real-time services quickly and cost-effectively, without compromising security or compliance.


Increase in revenue

Signup new customers in minutes rather than days by improving the speed of onboarding, reducing your abandonment rates, increasing revenue whilst delivering your regulatory compliance obligation, with NorthRow’s API driven solutions.

Scalable solution

Our solution enables you to scale cost-effectively by using a hybrid of automation and enhanced due diligence when required. The processes is treamlined to reduce your internal costs, and improve risk management processes. 

Easy integration 


Ongoing compliance

Monitor your client on an ongoing basis with our industry-leading solutions, for PEPs, Sanctions, Company data and Adverse Media, offering real-time identification of new risks, reducing your business risk and supporting you in meeting the necessary AML compliance regulations to avoid reputational damage.

Client Monitoring

Single technology relationship 


Agile solution

Our solution can be configured and built to adapt to the ever-changing regulatory environment in which your payment firm, giving you the confidence to continually meet your compliance obligations, so you can focus on driving your business forward.

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Clients we have worked with

We work with our clients to digitally transform their onboarding, monitoring and compliance processes.