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NorthRow Named as a Certified IDSP Under New DCMS Framework




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AML compliance is about more than ticking boxes, making quick, effective decisions about your customers is critical.

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Client Stories

Open Banking

Open Banking is a new, secure way for customers and SMEs to take control of their financial data. Open Banking chose NorthRow to deliver its onboarding processes, as they set the standard for securely managing customer financial data.


We have experience in delivering agile onboarding and AML compliance checks across multiple regulated industries.

DCMS and IDSP Certified

NorthRow is pleased to announce it has received certification under the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework. As a result, the business is now approved as an IDSP (Identity Service Provider) for the right to work, rent, and criminal record checks.

As a certified provider under the recently launched framework, NorthRow has received approval from the Home Office that its identification document validation technology (IDVT) can verify a person’s identity to a level of confidence, which is the desired level of identity assurance recommended for employers engaging an IDSP for right-to-work checks.

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Our reputation for innovation within the RegTech industry has led to many company accolades.