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Digitally transform your customer onboarding processes. You can benefit from improved client experience, increased efficiency and reduced compliance risk.

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Improve customer experience and meet your compliance requirements with our client onboarding solutions.

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Continually monitor for relevant changes in your customer profiles to proactively manage your regulatory risk.

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Efficiently remediate your existing customer base with our API-driven solution to help ensure compliance.

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We work with our clients to digitally transform their onboarding, monitoring and compliance processes.

Client Stories

Open Banking

Open Banking is a new, secure way for customers and SMEs to take control of their financial data. Open Banking chose NorthRow to deliver its onboarding processes, as they set the standard for securely managing customer financial data.


We have experience in delivering agile onboarding and compliance solutions across multiple regulated industries.

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Our reputation for innovation within the RegTech industry has led to many accolades.