State of compliance trends report 2024

compliance trends 2024

Insights and predictions from over 130 compliance professionals on everything from AI and automation, to cybersecurity risks and priorities for the year ahead.

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As the ever-present threat of money laundering, fraud, and financial crime continues to cast a dark shadow over entire financial systems, compliance and AML professionals continue to play a pivotal role in the war against financial crime. 

Did you know that 50% of your peers are prioritising improving their AML compliance processes this year? Or that two in five find resource capacity and capability the most challenging part of their jobs?

We’ve collected data from interviews with over 130 compliance professionals across more than a dozen industries to find out:

  • Trends set to transform compliance
  • Potential obstacles and challenges
  • What’s keeping compliance leaders up
  • Financial crime in focus
  • The changing compliance landscape
  • The future of compliance
Throughout, we compare our findings with last year’s to really understand what is going on in compliance, what’s changing, and where the profession is headed in 2024.

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