The Future of FinTech: Trends Defining 2023 and Beyond

Predictions for FinTechs in 2023 and beyond

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FinTech has gone from strength to strength this year, with the market expected to be worth £309 billion as traditional banking practices are replaced with digital solutions in a bid to make things faster, easier, and more streamlined for businesses and consumers.

During this instalment of the Wired-In series, the Senior Director of Product at Crowdz, Marc Meyer, shares his insights on the most pressing issues facing FinTechs in 2023 and beyond.

Topics discussed:

  • How can financial firms keep up with digital transformation
  • The technologies shaping the future of compliance
  • Using blockchain to modernise an archaic business
  • Identifying invoice repayment risks using SuRF Score
  • Looking ahead to 2023 – FinTech trends and predictions

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