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NorthRow Named as a Certified IDSP Under New DCMS Framework

Delighted to receive certification under the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework, NorthRow is now an official IDSP (Identity Service Provider) for right-to-work checks.

Our software performs comprehensive identity and document verification, giving you real-time and actionable data on who you can legally hire, ensuring compliance with the latest Home Office regulation.

Brexit uncertainty

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All employers are legally required to perform Right to Work verification on their employees, before the employee starts work, to ensure they are eligible to work in the UK. Employers must demonstrate, record and maintain that the employee has a statutory excuse. By using NorthRow’s ‘WorkingStatus’ solution you can keep up-to-date with changes in legislation, reduce employee onboarding time and easily track expiry of visas or temporary leave to remain.

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Certified IDSP (Identity Service Providers)

Businesses can be assured that they can access processes that will reduce fraud and provide them with compliant procedures, including all the new right-to-work regulations. Using right-to-work onboarding software from NorthRow, a RegTech (Regulatory Technology provider), relieves the burden of manually processing a raft of applicants whilst regulators are confident in our processes, reducing the possibility of costly fines or audits.

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Continued compliance

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The NorthRow solution will minimise your risk of non-compliance by delivering the automation of time-consuming tasks which can be vulnerable to human error. The simple step-by-step interface easily directs you to perform the necessary Right to Work verification through a consistent, auditable and high-quality process. To ensure you continue to meet changing Right to Work legislation, our solution is designed to be up-to-date with the latest EU immigration law so you can be confident that you are compliant 24/7.

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Real-time remote verification


Our WorkingStatus app combines automatic Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) validation and data extraction with NFC technology, so you can verify your employees’ or candidates’ Right to Work eligibility in minutes, anywhere anytime. The technology is available on Android and iOS, using a smartphone or tablet. You don’t even have to be on-line. The Working Status app performs comprehensive identity and document verification, giving you real-time and actionable data on whom you can hire, whilst ensuring compliance with the latest Home Office regulation.

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We work closely with employers from a wide range of sectors to help transform legacy systems and manual processes for workforce onboarding and monitoring. We understand and manage the regulatory risk your business faces as you recruit and onboard prospective employees.




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AM2PM is a recruitment and healthcare management firm that wanted to automate Right to Work verification when onboarding candidates. AM2PM turned to NorthRow to provide our technology to simplify this element of a complex onboarding journey.

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We work with our clients to digitally transform their onboarding, monitoring and compliance processes.