We Allow You to Quickly Validate Employment Status with Our Right to Work Solution

All UK employers are required by law to verify that all potential and existing employees are eligible to work in the UK through Right to Work checks (regardless of their nationality).  NorthRow's Right to Work solutions bring together a unique combination of leading-edge software with state-of-the-art hardware to provide a user-friendly, low-cost, technology-led approach to capturing, authenticating and storing immigration and ID documentation which provides a fully comprehensive and compliant Right to Work check for your employees inline with legislation.

The Context

As the UK workforce increases in diversity, with an  ever increasing number of businesses combining full-time, flexible working, part-time, home working, contractors and temporary staff for a flexible approach to meet different business needs, the challenges facing employers are more complex than ever.

With the Government imposing harsher civil penalties on companies that employ illegal workers, now more than ever companies are turning to technology to help with workforce on-boarding and monitoring.

Simultaneously, the Home Office has increased its intelligence-led operations and ‘spot checks’ within multiple industries to ensure compliance with Right to Work.

Failure to comply with legislation can lead to fines of £20,000 per employee, but it can be further reaching beyond the civil penalty fine itself. Businesses risk possible closure, loss of earning due to fraud, damage to supplier and customer relationships, loss of reputation with brand damage, and risks to employers who hold a sponsorship licence as this could be withdrawn from business owners.

Many organisations still rely on time-consuming, costly and manual processes, such as photocopying ID documents, and may not be aware of every step necessary to ensure compliance with Right to Work when capturing, recording and, crucially, interpreting identity documents. In short, for organisations that typically experience high staff turnover and are spread over multiple locations, the logistics involved in managing right to work legislation can be significant.

Typical Problems Include

1. Checks may be conducted by hiring managers with limited or out-of-date knowledge of requirements.

2. In-house HR systems may be incompatible with updated immigration laws.

3. Disparate IT systems prevent consistent practices across the organisation.

4. Keeping track of visa and passport expiration dates can be challenging.

So how can our technology help businesses ensure compliance, protect their brand and reduce the administrative burden of right to work checks?

Key Challenges

1. Many organisations rely on time-consuming, costly and manual processes such as photocopying ID documents. They may not be aware of the precise steps that need to be followed to ensure compliance with Right to Work, when capturing, recording and importantly, interpreting identity documents.

2. A manual process also requires the user to know which supplementary documents are required to support the individual’s right to work status, (such as UK Visa, Biometric Residence Permit, Indefinite Leave to Remain, Asylum Registration Card).

3. Dispersed Hiring Managers with limited or out-of-date knowledge of current legislation. Documents must then be stored and remain accessible for inspection by UK Border Agency or Home Office officials if required.

4. When a time-limited visa is presented, processes need to be put in place to implement follow-up checks and to ensure visas have been renewed and the ongoing ‘legal’ status observed.

5. Loss of knowledge when key personnel leave an organisation.

6. Inability of in-house HR systems to be reconfigured in response to changes in immigration law.

7. Disparate IT systems preventing consistent practices across the organisation.

Our Solutions


1. Mobile App

Our mobile App helps you keep pace with both the on-demand workforce environment and home office legislation for Right to Work compliance

The app allows clients to check and to securely retain an employee’s documentation, whilst confirming that an individual is eligible to work in the UK via a real-time ‘Right to Work’ checks.

The mobile solution is ideal for multi-site organisations and personnel who are on the move.

Compatible across multiple devices, this solution brings automation, speed and efficiency to HR processes.




2. Passport Scanner

Part of Right to Work compliance is to check ID documents are genuine and have not been tampered with. The Home Office encourage the use of ID scanning technology for checking ID and provide a guide on the use of document scanners. Guidance on the Use of Document Scanners

Our Desktop Scanner can deliver an effective and immediate decision on an ID document’s legitimacy by performing scans of visible & non visible security features, ensuring our clients can be confident in making data-driven decisions in an instant about who they employ.

Reporting and Security

All check results are stored in our highly secure online platform, alongside copies of all document scans, expiry dates, visa categories and the identity of the person who performed the check. These form a comprehensive record and audit trail, proving the company has fulfilled its obligations to UK Visas and Immigration and achieved its ‘statutory excuse’, this information is instantly accessible by central HR.

Our flexible reporting function allows reports to be created on demand relating to employee nationalities, to visa categories, to branch location etc. Reports can also be exported in standard formats as well as being accessible via our single API to ensure a seamless flow of data to aid customers onboarding processes.



"NorthRow supports and streamlines our employees’ onboarding processes whilst helping to ensure compliance with the latest Home Office legislation. We are now more confident in meeting Right to Work compliance obligations.”"
Nataile Hajzk-Clegg, HR & Compliance Officer, AM2PM

Who We Help?

Collaborating with law enforcement and trusted data suppliers, NorthRow continues to innovate and invest in new functionality and world-class solution enhancements within the ID verification space. Spanning multiple industries; including hospitality, retail and property, NorthRow enables organisations with large, distributed and temporary workforces to tackle their compliance requirements efficiently. We work closely with employers, in particular those with a high staff turnover, to transform internal capabilities and approaches to workforce on-boarding and monitoring through strategies that eliminate risk and maximise operational efficiency.

We provide one global platform that works to verify and risk-score people, companies and ID documents, so you can be assured that you are making safe strategic decisions that are in the very best interests of your organisation. Our solution is the only solution of its kind that allows businesses to carry out complex checks in real-time, via a single, automated API.

Our tried-and-trusted Right to Work technology enables companies to instantly check that both existing and potential employees have the right to work in the UK, while simultaneously streamlining employee on-boarding processes. Our solution can be applied on the move via a mobile app, or on site via our passport/ID document scanner.

Our App has been specifically designed to keep pace with both the demands of an agile, mobile workforce and Home Office legislation for right to work compliance.

Key Benefits

Key Clients Include

White paper

With the UK workforce landscape becoming more diverse and the Government imposing harsher civil penalties for employing workers not eligible to work in the UK, we look at how can technology can help businesses ensure compliance and reduce the administrative burden of right to work checks.