The challenge of ultimate beneficial ownership

Ultimate Beneficial Ownership has never been more challenging for regulated businesses

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Far from operating in the shadows, criminals disguise their activities as legitimate businesses to hide illicit funds. Failing to understand who you are doing business with, or the status of the client counterparty (KYC) or the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO), increases your organisations’ risk of financial crime or reputational damage.

Watch our webinar with renowned MoneyLand author and journalist Oliver Bullough, senior AML policy officer at Transparency International Laure Brillaud, and Anton Moiseienko, Research Fellow at RUSI to learn why the UK is still attractive to global crooks and Kleptocrats; what can be achieved and looking at the best approach for identifying and monitoring UBOs.


Key topics

  • How big is the problem
  • How Beneficial Ownerships are used for Money laundering
  • Proactive approach to transparency
  • Impact of regulation  
  • Best practice to verify and monitor UBOs 

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