Webinars Past and Present

Please find our latest webinar to learn more about compliance and client onboarding trends.

  • Alternative Lending: What is the state of the market?
    On-demand webinar Alternatvie Lending: What is the State of the Market? Watch the NorthRow Altfi webianr on-demand now to learn more.
  • KYC Remediation: Digitally Transform in 2021 Webinar
    Live Webinar: 3 November 14:00 How to do KYC Remediation Digital Transformation in 2021 This year has been a time of economic and market volatility and recent events have left an enduring mark on your customers. Indeed, the customers you knew just a few months ago are not the same people today. For compliance officers
  • How to Successfully Navigate Brexit and Right to Work compliance Webinar
    Live Webinar: 23 September 14:00 How to Successfully Navigate Brexit and Right to Work compliance  With or without a trade deal in place, on the 31st December 2020, the UK will complete its transition period to leave the European Union (EU).  The question for employers is how will Brexit affect your Right to Work compliance processes? Join