Infographic: Compliance trends in 2023

compliance trends

2022 threw global events, new regulations and record-breaking fines into the compliance melting pot. And yet, the war against bad actors, money launderers and criminals continues to wage. As fraudsters evolve and continue to develop their shady strategies, so too must our compliance teams. 

Now, more than ever, compliance forms a critical part of an organisation’s growth and strategy. Non-compliance opens the floodgates for financial, security and reputational damage, while allowing criminals to flood the financial system with dirty money. 

We collected data from interviews with almost 50 professionals across more than a dozen industries to find out the biggest compliance trends in 2023:

  • Trends set to transform compliance
  • Potential obstacles and challenges
  • Where your peers are spending their time
  • A new era of digital compliance
  • Business-wide perceptions of the compliance department
  • The future of compliance

This infographic summarises just some of the key findings from our research, with the full report available to read here.

compliance trends

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