5 benefits of online ID document verification in a digital age

ID document verification

ID document verification is an essential part of KYC onboarding, as well as when employers are verifying employee right to work ID&V. It’s a process that ensures a person is who they are claiming to be when required to open a bank account or start a new job for example. 

An ID document check ensures that there is a real person behind a process and verifies that they are the correct person, and not a fraudster. Historically, this process was carried out face-to-face, with individuals presenting themselves physically at a company’s location or branch, along with their identity documents. 

A laborious and time-consuming process which, in today’s digital age, simply doesn’t meet customer expectations. We expect to be able to prove who we are in a matter of clicks, from the comfort of our own homes, without having to be physically present or posting sensitive identity documents for verification.

“Digital IDs could be used to empower citizens, enhance privacy, reduce identity fraud and streamline business processes…”


The benefits of online ID document verification are significant, from greater security and improved onboarding processes, to driving efficiencies and combatting fraud. 

Reduce manual processing

Online ID document verification satisfies customer demands for quick and secure services. Without the need for manual verification, checking of documents and visiting company locations, customers can be onboarded in a matter of minutes. Customers can simply take a selfie and snap a photo of their identity document for quick, digital verification.

Without the need for human intervention, your team is free to focus on more pressing matters where real value can be delivered, rather than manually checking identity documents.  

Remove geographical boundaries

The obstacles presented to companies from geographical boundaries are totally removed with digital ID document verification. Allowing customers or remote workers to be onboarded from anywhere, at any time really does open up a wealth of opportunities. 

Increased security

Businesses can protect themselves by preventing fraudulent account creation, adding security, and complying with KYC regulations through online ID document verification.

Customers’ safety is paramount when it comes to digital ID document verification services, which follow strict regulations and adhere to high standards of data protection. Such solutions foster customer trust with robust procedures in place to safeguard sensitive identity documents. 

Remote onboarding process

Regulated businesses are under pressure to deliver a great customer experience while managing costs, risks, and compliance. Using clunky manual onboarding processes to gather all the necessary data to perform identity checks can create complexities and long processing times, impacting the overall experience for customers and employees.

Without integrating modern technology, firms will lose their competitive edge and, more importantly, may lose customers to competitors with easier to use technology during the onboarding process.

Using online identity document verification software, customers can self-serve requests such as uploading documents digitally and verifying their identity through liveness checks using just a device with a camera – from anywhere, at any time.

Detect fraudulent documents 

With more and more businesses falling foul of fraudsters, detecting dodgy ID documents is a critical first step in stopping scammers who will try to get access to your products or services by impersonating real customers. 

Digital identity verification can detect discrepancies in documents to provide firms with assurance that customers are who they say they are. Intelligent software can analyse documents and detect any mismatches in data. 

With access to large identity document libraries that are more reliable in detecting fraudulent documents, particularly when processing higher volumes, you can protect your business, profits, and reputation with advanced ID document verification and biometric data checks.

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