Financial Services - Customer Onboarding

We help a wide range of Financial Services firms with their customer onboarding challenges. We have also partnered with a number of key strategic partners like Open Banking providing bespoke solutions for clients with complex needs.



Key Sectors include

How we Help ?

NorthRow enables firms to manage the complexity of onboarding and monitoring of customers:

1. By working with a wide range of commercial data suppliers NorthRow is able to offer comprehensive checks on people, companies, identity documents, mobile phone locations and social media accounts across many different geographies.

2. Multiple data sources are accessed through one single API and the breadth of data is greater than that offered by any other platform

3. Customers have access to all the datasets they need - data is only inputted once

4. Our solution seamlessly integrates different datasets and new functionality required for the latest legislation changes

5. NorthRow puts the correct, automated process in place from the very start

In short, we offer you a flexible, effective and efficient approach to due diligence and compliance to place you in a strong position to onboard customers and to grow.

Clients Include

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"After looking into various identity verification providers we have chosen NorthRow because it has the combined KYB and KYC capability we are looking for, whilst also being the best fit commercially and culturally. With NorthRow we are able to automate our checking processes and we are alerted to any changes in our customers’ status, which is critical to ensuring we fulfill our regulatory obligations and make the customer onboarding process reliable and faster."
Martin Threakall, CTO - Modulr