Transforming Employee Onboarding in Hospitality


The Home Office is increasing it’s regulatory focus on the Hospitality sector. All employers are legally required to check that all potential and existing employees are eligible to work in the UK via ‘Right to Work’ checks.

Businesses found to be non-compliant may face a civil penalty of up to £20,000 per illegal employee, company directors could face a potential 5-year prison sentence and reputational damage is irreversible.

Right to Work Compliance

Watch Adrian Black, NorthRow's CEO, describes the problems businesses have when managing Right to Work compliance checks when onboarding their employees.


How We Help

NorthRow offers an automated document verification solution which checks, authenticates and retains of all employees and potential employees ID documents whilst establishing their Right to Work in the UK. Our tried-and-trusted technology enables companies to instantly check employees working status, while simultaneously streamlining employee on-boarding processes. Our solution can be applied on the move via a mobile app, or on site via our passport/ID document scanner.

To learn more, please head over to NorthRow’s Know Your Employee solution.

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