Accelerating Complex Client Onboarding for Payment Firms

Payment companies deal with complex client portfolios (companies & individuals) and high volumes of transactions in multiple jurisdictions. The data will grow in size and complexity, and the regulatory landscape is challenging.

Using legacy or manual client onboarding processes is not sustainable in the competitive world of payments.

How We Help You

NorthRow is a an established technology firm that develops technology solutions that enable payment firms to simplify their due diligence checks, to streamline operations and to ultimately reduce risk, helping you to meet your compliance and reporting obligations.


How it Works

At NorthRow we work with a number of leading payment organisations to help automate their AML, KYC, KYB and Identity Verification checks, streamlining the client onboarding process via a single, easily integrated API.

NorthRow’s agile technology hosts an extensive breadth of data greater than that offered by single suppliers and we are one of the only firms to have an intelligence-sharing agreement with law enforcement agencies. Our technology-led approach ensures a thorough check is executed using multiple steps to ensure even advanced risk profiling is as accurate as possible, whilst remaining low-touch, automated and cost-effective.

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NorthRow can perform comprehensive checks on individuals, companies and multiple identity documents in real-time giving you actionable data before you onboard your clients. NorthRow simplifies and automates KYC onboarding checks, helping you to:

  • Onboard more clients, at an accelerated rate

  • Reduce compliance costs

  • Improve operating margins whilst increasing profits

  • Improve the client experience

International Data Base


Monitoring multiple clients in different jurisdictions across different territories is a considerable challenge.

Our international risk monitoring capabilities ensure that you are informed of any activities which could cause a breach to your supply chain (or non-compliance), enabling you to react quickly to problems before it’s too late, whilst helping to ensure your business is continually compliant with it’s AML regulatory obligations. Download our international company coverage overview to learn more.

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Ongoing Client Monitoring to Help Ensure Compliance


NorthRow will alert you via email or via our management portal, with clear case management instructions so you can prioritise and review risks and arrange enhanced due diligence.

All our clients can tailor their monitoring and risk criteria so that they are only alerted to risks that matter to their businesses. We will remember what risks have already been viewed and will only show new risks and relevant to our clients.

Watch demo video to learn more about how our API works.

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Managed Service Options

Review potential matches quickly and easily with our intuitive platform and richer profiles with consolidated summary profiles, pictures ID documents and relevant articles.


Manage cases, team workflow and maintain your audit trail in the platform, whilst syncing seamlessly with your internal systems via our single API.

Conduct deeper due diligence into the entity through our media sources or managed service to gain an understanding into the level of risk, connections, source of wealth, etc.

Key Features

Key Clients Include


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CashFlows Case Study

NorthRow provides CashFlows with an automated AML, KYC, KYB and IDV checks via a single API interface, helping to streamline client onboarding, improve efficiencies and increase revenue.

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Modulr Finance Case Study

NorthRow provides Modulr Finance with automated AML, KYC and KYB checks via a single, easily integrated, helping to streamline client onboarding.

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“With NorthRow, we have completely automated the manual work needed to perform our client due diligence. NorthRow allows us to meet our compliance obligations with ease, while providing a seamless client onboarding experience. We found a direct correlation between using NorthRow to help us reduce the complexity of onboarding and getting more users and customers.”

Matthew Goodes, Operations Account Manager, Cashflows