Is your business onboarding painful, slow and losing you revenue?

The onboarding of business customers is a complex and emotive topic for regulated companies. Increased competition, especially from new entrants means that onboarding processes need to be simple and focused on providing a great experience for the customer. The need to perform robust Anti-money laundering, identity verification and document checks on all company directors and ultimate beneficial owners is often a source of friction, chasing individuals for copies of passports and documents creates a poor initial experience and can lead to lost revenue or higher overhead on the deal. However, there is a better way.

  Verify Your Clients Remotely, Anytime & Anywhere

NorthRow’s RemoteVerify solution builds on our world-leading compliance services by enabling digital, Document Verification, Validation and Liveness checks for fast, robust and compliant business onboarding experience.


Friction-Free Onboarding

Simplifies & accelerates the process of obtaining & verifying a person’s identity &  documents. Improving client experience and reducing time to revenue.


Installation Free

No need to download & install anything. Our progressive web application can be used on an iOS or Android smartphone, tablet or desktop.


Doubt Free

Providing secure biometric facial recognition, lip-syncing and anti-spoofing technologies and liveness checks, reduces your risk of Fraud.


It is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Out loud. To a camera…

Our RemoteVerify service can be used anywhere, anytime and on any Smartphone device, so long as the device has a camera, microphone capabilities and internet connection. 

An email is sent to your customer with a link to begin the to the RemoteVerify process and they are guided through the following simple steps

Step 1. ID Document Check  The customer takes a photo of their ID document

Step 2. Liveness Check - The customer takes a video selfie of themselves. RemoteVerify uses market-leading facial recognition, audio matching and lip-sync authentication to match the customer to their ID, confirm they are who they say they are, eliminating risk of fraud.

Step 3. Address Verification The applicant simply asks for the first line of their current address, and NorthRow will then auto-populate the rest.

The applicant can review each of the 3 checks, for data accuracy. Once an applicant submits their details the full power of NorthRow’s API will commence.


Leveraging the latest technology

We leverage the latest and most innovative technologies to accelerate the business onboarding process including:

- Biometric facial recognition

- Lip syncing and anti-spoofing technologies

- Machine learning

- Progressive web application

- Flexible API integration

- Robust AML, KYC and IDV technologies

No matter what the complexity of the business, the locations, or time differences, you can easily check multiple company individuals remotely.


Free-up resources & reduce costs

RemoteVerify allows your clients to sign up and be verified in minutes, at their own convenience, using their own smartphone, tablet or home laptop, anywhere at any time.

Removing the need to physically present at an office or location; time-bound to an appointment, freeing up your sales and compliance resources.


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