PEPs & Sanctions Checks / Monitoring

NorthRow provides a single global platform to check and monitor both people and companies against multiple PEPs and Sanctions databases, essential for anit-money laundering (AML) compliance and robust client onboarding processes.

What We Can Check:


Monitoring Politically Exposed Persons is Vital for Compliance

The new geopolitical dynamic that now exists, is creating an enormous headache for global businesses attempting to navigate an increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

Robust Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulation is a way for Governments to fight against terrorism, organised crime, drug and people trafficking, PEPs & Sanctions monitoring is an increasingly fundamental part of AML Compliance.

PEPs and Sanction checks can be complicated, costly and difficult to fulfil on an ongoing basis, however if you are non-compliant you could face hefty fines from the authorities.

NorthRow Single API Provides Full PEPs & Sanctions Information

NorthRow’s platform can identify high-risk individuals and businesses, in real-time. NorthRow only uses the highest quality data sources from trusted international suppliers, we can access a broad portfolio of PEPs & Enhanced Sanctions information to help ensure ongoing compliance. Unlike any other identity verification platform, we also have intelligence-sharing agreements with law enforcement agencies, to help reduce your business risk. We will check for:

  • Persons and entities subject to international economic sanctions

  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

  • Relatives and close associates of PEPs

  • State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs)

  • Politically exposed businesses and organisations

Ongoing PEPs & Sanctions Monitoring

It is not enough to perform comprehensive AML checks during the initial client sign-up phase. To ensure you remain compliant with AML regulations, you must continually monitor your clients for any changes in their political exposure and sanctions.

NorthRow's AML platform will continually monitor your customers for changes and you will be alerted in real-time as to those changes, helping to ensure you remain compliant. Our ongoing PEPs monitoring covers these roles:

  • Heads of state and government

  • Members of government (national and regional)

  • Members of Parliament (national and regional)

  • Heads of military, judiciary, law enforcement and board of central banks

  • Top ranking officials of political parties

  • Senior officials of the military, judiciary, and law enforcement agencies

  • Senior officials of the other state agencies and bodies and high ranking civil servants

  • Senior members of religious groups

  • Ambassadors, consuls, high commissioners

  • Senior management and board of directors of state-owned businesses and organizations

  • Mayors and members of local, county, city and district assemblies

  • Senior officials and functionaries of international or supranational organizations

Get in touch to learn more about NorthRow’s PEPs and Sanctions monitoring service below.

NorthRow checks and monitors a wide variety of media and other information sources

Adverse Media

Any individual or entity that has been reported in global newspapers, news sites or other media as being involved in financial crime.


Any individual that is considered a Politically Exposed Person, from Head of State to Members of Parliament, Members of the Board of State Owned Enterprises or Ambassadors and individuals representing their countries interests abroad.


Sanction - Current

Any individual or entity that is subject to sanctions by either the European Union, the United Nations, the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control and State Department and Her Majesty’s Treasury in the United Kingdom.

Sanction - Previous

Any individual or entity that has formerly been subject to sanctions by either the European Union, the United Nations, the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control and State Department and Her Majesty’s Treasury in the United Kingdom.

Financial Regulator

Any individual or entity that has been fined or in some other way subject to action by any financial regulatory body.

Law Enforcement

Any individual or entity that has been named in official documentation from Law Enforcement bodies such as the Police or any other agency such as Interpol or the FBI. Also those individuals and entities cited in Court and legal documents of that nature.

Disqualified Director (UK Only)

Any individual that has been disqualified as acting as a director of a company.

Insolvency (UK & Ireland Only)

Any individual that has been declared as bankrupt or insolvent.


  • Global PEPs & Sanctions registers with over 65 Billion data records - including to all sanctions lists, Including OFAC, EU

  • Our PEP profiles are structured with Sanctions and Adverse Media: enhanced with pictures, media articles & easy to read snippets

  • We can validate the details of over 250 million companies in real-time, from over 100 countries

  • We can validate identity documents from over 200 Countries. Types of Identity documents include: Driver License, National ID, Passport, Permit Data Global address verification of over 100 countries

  • Screening against the death register to help reduce your risk of fraud

  • Run KYC/AML checks on company Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO) and Directors in minutes Ongoing monitoring for changes in Beneficial Owners or Directors in a company

  • A Single API or SaaS application means NorthRow can seamlessly integrate into your existing systems


In a complex regulatory environment an AML solution that is flexible, comprehensive, and that provides user control over rules and thresholds, is vital. NorthRow offers a range of flexible options including a SaaS application and a Single API.

Depending on your client onboarding workflow, you can choose the option that will best serve your business needs, or you can choose a hybrid option of both on-site and SaaS solutions. 


NorthRow’s Single API: NorthRow’s single API can integrate easily with your existing online forms, and can check a variety of international ID documents including; Passports, Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs), Visas and National ID cards.

SaaS Application: NorthRow provides a SaaS App in addition to its Single API. Compliance teams can use the application to review checks, to download PDF reports and to add notes for audit & case management. All data is secure and user account access requires two-factor authentication ensuring security giving the client peace of mind.




Key Clients Include


"After looking into various identity verification providers we have chosen NorthRow because it has the combined KYB and KYC capability we are looking for, whilst also being the best fit commercially and culturally. With NorthRow we are able to automate our checking processes and we are alerted to any changes in our customers’ status, which is critical to ensuring we fulfill our regulatory obligations and make the customer onboarding process reliable and faster."
Martin Threakall, CTO - Modulr