Ongoing Monitoring

KYC compliance

The importance of ongoing monitoring in KYC compliance: tips for effective risk management

Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance programs are not one-hit processes, ongoing monitoring is key for effective risk management. … Read More

4 Ways Software can Ensure KYC/AML Compliance

4 ways software can ensure KYC/AML compliance

Risk and compliance software platforms help businesses record, track and manage their regulatory obligations. Firms that offer this technology help businesses comply with regulations efficiently and less expensively than manual, process driven solutions.  RegTech providers offer bespoke integrated solutions that … Read More

client monitoring brochure

Client monitoring brochure

NorthRow’s client monitoring solution provides outstanding efficiency and delivers regulatory compliance. … Read More

Ongoing client monitoring: are you keeping your clients' risk on your radar?

Ongoing client monitoring: are you keeping your clients’ risk on your radar?

We polled over 400 compliance professionals and business leaders on the topic of ongoing client monitoring. According to our poll, organised crime is the biggest compliance-related fear facing firms, but almost half of organisations do not have a fully integrated … Read More

improved PEPs and sanctions monitoring

NorthRow’s New Improved PEPs & Sanctions Monitoring Functionality

At NorthRow we are continuously improving our single API solution to ensure our clients have access to the highest quality data and most innovative solution on the market to maximise, efficiency, to improve client experience and to help mitigate business risk for regulated companies. … Read More

State of compliance trends report: download here

Discover the latest insights and predictions to help your business effectively plan for the future while successfully addressing current compliance priorities and challenges.