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Simplify Beneficial Owner Verification with NorthRow

One of the biggest challenges for compliance officers when onboarding businesses, is identifying and verifying the Beneficial Owners behind those companies. Compliance teams often have to navigate through complex corporate structure webs to understand the true risk associated with a business client. At NorthRow we saw an opportunity to simplify this process. We have developed an identification tool that delves into the complex ownership structure of your target organisation and returns a straightforward table containing the only UBOs that you are required to screen. Read our latest blog to learn more. … Read More

Compliance Cost of Amber Management

Compliance Cost of Amber Management

A world of binary results of either pass or fail, (Green or Red) would be nirvana; but that just isn’t realistic. There will always be cases that require further due diligence before you safely commit to onboard, or continue to interact with the customer, or not. Ambers are those cases that fall between the ‘accept’ or ‘decline and cause your business a challenge. … Read More

Why Ultimate Beneficial Owner Verification is Important?

Why is ultimate beneficial ownership verification important?

Ultimate Beneficial ownership verification and ongoing monitoring is now an essential component of the KYC onboarding and anti-financial crime procedures. However, peeling back the complex legal structures designed to conceal Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) represents a significant challenge. In this blog, we explore the confusion over multiple beneficial ownerships, the complexity share structures, understanding Trusts and how you minimise risk exposure when onboarding and monitoring UBOs. … Read More

Ongoing KYC Monitoring

Ongoing KYC Monitoring

Effective ‘continuous KYC monitoring’ is essential for Compliance Officers if they want to stay ahead of the criminals and satisfy the regulators. During 2020 many firms expedited the digital transformation of the front end of compliance, at the point of onboarding, due to the global pandemic and the need to meet the demand for digital interactions. These investments should now be used across the entire customer lifecycle to avoid exposing their business to increasing levels of risk. In this blog we explore the importance of ongoing monitoring in 2021. … Read More


Amber Management to Safeguard Compliance Risk

Protect Your Regulated Business with Amber Management to Safeguard Compliance Risk KYC monitoring and remediation KYC Monitoring and Remediation has become the ‘bete noire’ of many a compliance team. This is particularly the case with traditional regulated firms, who most … Read More

Configurable Risk-Based Regulatory Rules Engine

Configurable Risk-Based Regulatory Rules Engine

The ever-evolving regulatory landscape in which firms operate in means client risk management is becoming more complex and time-consuming, ultimately impinging on the overall customer experience. To simplify the complexity of KYC onboarding and monitoring an agile risk-based rules engine is the answer.
In this blog, we discuss why a highly configurable rules engine is critical to the customer experience, operational efficiency and future-proofing of your compliance processes. … Read More

Client Lifecycle KYC Management: Taking a Holistic Approach

Client lifecycle KYC management: Taking a holistic approach

Managing your client’s data is more than a regulatory box-ticking exercise. An effective Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) compliance operation can deliver increased productivity and improved accurate risk-scoring, whilst reducing operational costs and a substantially improved customer experience. In this article, we explore the importance of implementing an efficient Client Lifecycle KYC Management process. … Read More