Risk and Compliance

What is risk and compliance?

Gain a comprehensive understanding of risk and compliance with our guide. Learn how to navigate regulatory requirements and mitigate risk effectively. … Read More

Are all Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) high-risk?

Why are PEPs high-risk, or are they not all that bad?

In the regulation of financial services, a politically exposed person (commonly known as a PEP) is one who has been appointed to a prominent public function. These individuals may have been entrusted with a high-position by a community institution, an international body or state, within the last 12 months.  … Read More

top compliance trends

Top Compliance Trends You Need to Know for 2019

Money-laundering and compliance failures within large banks and institutions dominated the financial news in 2018. To help you not fall foul of the regulations in 2019, we have gathered a list of top 9 compliance trends this year and how they may impact how you do business. … Read More